Haven’s Troubles with the troubles

 Haven, the ScyFy series that eludes that people in a small town have a secret. The citizens of Haven deal with a phenomenon called “the Troubles”, which one can compare superpowers, in a sense. A person’s troubles are different from one another. Also, a person said trouble carries from one generation to the other so, if your grandparent had a trouble, you would have a predisposition to have the same trouble.  Troubles are active when a relative who has the trouble, dies. The new generation of the trouble now contracts these abilities. Over the series, the audience is introduced more rules that each trouble has a counter trouble i.e., someone with a loudness ability would be counteracted with another Haven native’s ability to mute others.

The troubles affect people so much that Haven always tries to encapsulate the issues. Not all Haven’s natives have troubles therefore; some people feel the troubles are folklore. The troubles are intense and may cause harm and even lead to death in some cases, which is why it is very important that the troubles are maintained. People don’t know the origin of the troubles and the town has their own secret organizations that try to understand troubles better as well as try and cure others. This can also be contributed by the brothers that own the Herald, Haven’s news source, who are very aware of the troubles and creates stories to cover up issues that someone’s trouble may cause, especially when it does affect many in the town. Audrey Parker, who is drawn to Haven, is immune to these troubles. She helps Nate, the town sheriff, contain the troubles as well as try to help the Haven native with the trouble, try to understand his/her family issue (which is also considered a curse by some).  Also, Duke, a Haven native who returns as well, his trouble is activated and he learns that when the blood of a trouble person touches him, he becomes immensely strong and has the ability to kill them and with that, kill their trouble forever. 

[SPOILER] In season 3, we learn that Audrey may be the cause of the troubles! When she tries to enter the barn, seen in season 2; she tries to keep her memories as well as try to put an end to the troubles. She learns, after surviving the barns demise, that she is a counterpart to the other creator of the troubles in Haven. She is even taught that she is the person who has given troubles and basically ruined people’s lives, considering the intensity of the effects as well as being taught on how to create new troubles onto someone. Audrey struggles with the notion that she is a good person yet, learning about her past as the “trouble maker” upsets her on such a deep level. When Audrey is even introduced to actually having to place a new trouble onto someone, she is apprehensive because she fears that she may enjoy causing this harm and still wants to maintain her moral and good persona. It’s a quite common idea to have inner conflicts within one self, the ultimate question of being a good vs. bad person.


Tarr relations and archetypes (Defiance)

In the newest scyfy series, Defiance, one of the many prominent families is the Tarr’s. Datak, the father is married to Stahma, the mother and has one son, Alak. Each of these individuals is completely different from each other, especially how love and care for another. Each relationship is complicated and some more manipulated than others.


        Datak is a politician. He tries to bring his people what they need, as his family and the people of Defiance however, fear the leader of the Castithan. Datak dresses the part of the political leader but runs an underground gang with other Castithans who smuggle drugs, weapons, hold underground fights and other illegal activities. One can say he is Defiance’s gang leader and controls the ins and outs of the people.  He has contacts everywhere and seems to know things about everyone, whether they belong in the Cathithan species or not.

        Datak’s wife, Stahma who is regal and beautiful, she comes from a wealthy background. Although Stahma is used to the finer things in life, she makes do with living in Defiance and making her home a in the style of a palace. Datak, to others seem to have the power in the relationship. But, truly it is Stahma that pushes all the right buttons in the right places, as if she was playing a crafty game of chess with the inhabitants of Defiance. Stahma, although she is aware that Datak goes to NeedWant, the Defiance brothel; Stahma sticks by her husband and makes it her quest to keep him in power. She is quite manipulative and thoughtful, unlike Datak who is rigid and impulsive. Stahma looks at the bigger picture to ensure that their family stays on top. She continues to do so when her only child, Alak, who falls in love with Christie McCawley – a human who they have a family rival with – explains to Datak that by Alak marrying Christie, their families will bond and their grandchildren will own the mines that the McCawley, a rich human family own.

            Alak loves Christie, not because she comes from a wealthy family but because he truly cares for her.  These two are not bounded by species, but love one another and try to understand each other’s cultures. Alak, at his bachelor party, refuses Casthitan ritual of sleeping with an escort because he wants to be only with Christie. Alak even fights with his friends, fellow Casthitans who also make fun of the fact that he weds a human and that she may never please him like their own species. Christie’s family is upset and doesn’t want her to wed their rival family because of Datak’s sketchy ways and are aware that Datak has tried to rule the mines, where the humans work, for a long time (because of the value and the opportunity of getting precious stones and such). Despite adversities on both ends of Alak and Christie’s families, they wed. Christie even wears the head piece that Stahma brought from their planet, the one she wore on her own wedding. Stahma treats Christie like as if she gained a daughter but Stahma’s feelings aren’t true, since she is glad that Alak and Christie’s bond will make their family more powerful in Defiance.

            While Alak and Christie’s relationship is based on love, Datak and Stahma are based on a need for one another. Datak needs Stahma to stay in power, with her intelligent ways of manipulation. Stahma needs Datak because she wants to have a luxurious life, and overlooks the flaws in their relationship. Stahma, too, has been unfaithful to Datak and has an affair with Kenya, the owner of NeedWant and explains it’s her first ever-interspecies relationship. Stahma confides in Kenya that she doesn’t feel love the way humans do from Datak but cares about him because he killed her first marital prospect. Stahma says that Datak came from a poor family and her father did not accept their marriage and Stahma didn’t care because she thought that any man that would kill for her would be the best husband for her. Stahma takes pride in that her husband would kill for her but also is afraid of him because he has many men in his gang and can hurt her, which she also explains to Kenya to never talk about their affair in fear that Datak may hurt her severely.


             If you were to use Jung’s archetypes; Datak embodies “the shadow”, since he has a dark and gritty sense of self. Stahma although at first would seem as “the great mother”, exudes “the shapeshifter”, since she morphs herself to make people trust her in order for her to get what she wants. Alak would be considered a “hero”, since he cares about Christie and thinks that maybe their wedding will help their families’ feud. Christie would be more so of “the caregiver” since she loves Alak a lot and wants him and his family to accept her, trying to learn their customs and language. 

What would you do with an artifact from Ware House 13?


If you are a fan of Ware House 13 and their shenanigans, well you are very aware that this is a fun science fiction show where artifacts, which contains special supernatural powers, have a specific history and story to each item.  Each artifact has evil consequences which is why the Ware House team collects and stores them in the Ware House so the powers are not in the wrong hands [typical theme –  but I appreciate the artifacts concept considering there are many other Ware Houses and Ms. Frederick is connected to the WH as well as Artie, who is her right hand man].


There have been many artifacts that I find very interesting such as the episode featuring the epic H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu! This very artifact showed the person who has this item, see the “tentacle, bug eyed monster” within, just as illustrated by Lovecraft. This very episode, the man that acquired this specific item had lost his love in an accident at a baseball game. She was trampled to death and he called out to people to help. He remembered the faces of the very same people that refused to help him in his time of need, where he seemed to undergo post traumatic symptoms, grief, depressive and suicidal thoughts which manifested into him seeking revenge regardless of the outcome. He was so distraught that the love of his life was now dead, it seemed that all he wanted to do was show to others what monsters people are. The artifact when in the presence of a person, projects to the people around them that they have huge tentacles, big bug eyes and other alien like features. In most cases where the artifact was used, because the person was now being seen as a monster, other people killed them. When the person was dead, the hallucination ended and people realized that it was a human being that they collectively killed.


Now we can conjure up the argument, well is it a hallucination indeed or this said artifact reflected and showed the true nature of some people, that many be monstrous?


My question to you, which is your favorite episode? What is your favorite artifact? If you are completely new to this concept, picture an inanimate object that has a long history and now has invoked a special power, with it the person who has this item in their grasp now wields that specific power. What type of artifact would you be interested in? Do keep in mind each artifact has evil strong holds. Some make the artifact user evil, may have psychological/mental health issues such as hallucinations (just as Cthulu’s artifact). 

Toaster Love

Science Fiction and love stories are not strangers. I can’t name anything without a plot of love. Recently watching Battle Star Galactica, we are introduced to the notion that the cylons, who are also called “toasters”, fall in love with numerous humans in the world of BSG. What I wondered if cylons are not people, then how do they fall in love and show affection to others in order for them to feel special? Whether or not the debate is that cylons may be programmed for love, cylons do make long lasting impressionable relationships whether it may be lovers or trusted shipmates.

Is toaster love real? Well, whether or not it is believable for a machine to love… cylons are more of a complex mixture of human and machine. Is it completely farfetched to think that machines would not be able to love a human? What constitutes what creature can or can not love? It seems in biology, that any complex creature is capable of love. I’m sure there are some that think, no machines whether complicated or not is not human and therefore not able to love and that it may be a slight infatuation or interest. My question, are all humans capable of love? Is love singular to just humans and not humanoid creatures? There are sociopaths and other diagnoses that say certain humans are not capable of emotions, which mainly include love, so are they considered “real life cylons”? So, if certain humans are not capable of love, doesn’t that mean those emotions such as love are not just limited to humans?

Can cylons feel love? We can agree that humans, in general can feel love from others and try to show their love to others by many different ways. Are the ways of cylons any different? Do cylons reciprocate love the same ways humans do? Personally, I don’t reciprocate love from every loved one the same so why should someone categorize how the love is being felt? Can’t people be taught to love and aren’t cylons people? Yes, they are part machine which is constantly a headline to the word cylon but cylons were created by humans and the same race of humans are constantly fooled by the human characteristics of cylons. It goes beyond the way they may look… people feel comfortable around others that look similar and act similar to them. Is that what cylons do – mimick humans in order to gain their trust to overcome them or mimick human behaviors and mannerisms because they are more human than machine?

I’m sure your thinking BSG is a fantasy world and that what does it matter about cylons and their emotions? I feel that BSG is quite interesting and it message is much deeper than humans vs. cylons, and may be a reflection of people. Not everyone is capable of showing love and reciprocating it. Not everyone is exactly the same. Even humans that are identical twins do not show exact 100% same behaviors and mannerisms which can be compared to cylons and the many copies.

What are your opinions?



Farscape: Moya and Pilot’s symbiotic relationship

The symbiotic relationship between Moya and Pilot are very interesting to me. At first we are introduced to Pilot as this amazing creature that somehow flew a living ship. I questioned why a living ship like Moya would need a pilot in the first place. It seems that Pilot acts as a symbolic conscious for her and therefore Pilot becomes and extension of Moya, who cannot speak words that the crew understands. Moya, on the other hand, understands the crew when they speak.

Pilot takes on two major roles for Moya. At first, he is a symbolic conscious, where at times Moya feels to act in a certain way but Pilot feels the best thing to do in the scenario is to starburst and live another day. Pilot counsels Moya on hard decisions especially when it comes to Talon, her son. Moya, like many mothers, want to constantly protect their offspring regardless of how much they may be capable of protecting themselves. Moya’s pregnancy was very difficult but with the help of the crew and Pilot, Moya was able to give birth to a healthy hybrid ship; that in their world has not been birthed before, being part Peacekeeper and part Leviathan. Pilot, many times have reasoned with Moya to change her decision to alternatives in order to keep all parties alive. Moya may be irrational when scared, but when calmed down by Pilot, with his counseling, he speaks to her and together they come up with better plans in order to either defeat the villains that are chasing them or the said danger they encounter. Pilot gives Moya advice on her son as well. Talon becomes very destructive and is hard to control. He doesn’t listen to Moya and continues to fly with Captain Crais, which is another complicated relationship.

Secondly, Pilot seems to be the referee between the crew and Moya. The crew, consisting of Criton, Aeryn, D’Argo, Zhaan, Rygil, Chiana, and later on Stark, Jool,  Sikozu and Scorpius, they are all very different beings with many strong opinions. Pilot seems to be able to listen to all and yet come together with Moya to discuss the best-case scenario. Of all the crew, Pilot speaks with D’Argo, Zhaan and Criton the most when jumping back and forth between the crews’ needs and Moya’s needs. Inevitably, Pilot finds common ground and brings peace within the ship.

Pilot is an exquisite creature that is raised to be bonded to a Leviathan yet, also creates multidimensional relationships with Moya. He also heeds to the needs of the crew without causing serious damage to Moya. All and all, Pilot is an imperative being on board Moya.