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In the Borderlands, 2.

I can’t tell you the last time a video game touched me the way Borderlands 2 has. For the past few months, I have played with a great group of gamers. Through Borderlands 2, we have become better friends – if not family. I wanted to write a great blog about our epic friendship in correlation with our gaming but, I decided to do a podcast on it.

Side Note: The reason why I haven’t updated my blog as much because I have been putting my efforts in getting my new podcast, AltBrown Podcast started. You can search us on iTunes (AltBrown Podcast)


So instead of writing a detailed blog about my Borderlands journey, Listen to our audio podcast which features most of my Borderland Gamer Group, which is a two-part podcast!

Part 1-

Part 2 –

You can also watch us play on Youtube here:

Let me know your thoughts!


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