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My friend sent me this link on “Why Harley Quinn Is Batman’s Most Tragic Character

He asked me my thoughts. Therein, I responded in a quick blurb….

She is a very complex character. Unfortunately, she’s been oversexualized because she is obviously attractive and, easy on the eyes with the red & black combination; especially when people cosplay as her. You know I met a woman that hardcore cosplayed Harley and didn’t even know SHE HAS A PhD IN PSYCHIATRY/PSYCHOLOGY* and other amazing things (which I filled her in)! Harley is more than a two-toned sexy clown lady. The same goes for all the women in Batman. All highly educated and immensely amazing. We live in a current “nerd-culture” that sexualizes everything and so the fact that these individuals are not only attractive to look like, they forget quickly that these women are comic book heroines/role models that girls like me (growing up) aspired to be… BRAINS and Beauty.


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