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Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers

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A few weeks ago, hopping around the Special Edition Con (NY), I came across some interesting people promoting their new graphic novel, Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers. She’s blue and badass so of course, I was completely sold! In speaking with Kirk Manley (one of the creators), I asked him about Z-Girl and what was her story. Which he of course, urged me to read… and i’m glad I did! I don’t want to ruin the entire storyline…

Z-Girl is an ancient Chinese warrior that is undead. It seems (from reading so far), she is indestructible but she can be injured, which she would need to hibernate (in a sense) in healing fluid. I find this idea intriguing. Any character that seems to be immortal but can be hurt always fascinates me because it reminds me of the human psyche.

We can all agree that people’s personalities seem to be solid and in their core, indestructible but it can definitely be hurt by being self-concious or loosing faith in one self. Recently, in my personal life, I have been doubting myself due to external stressors. It is easy to fake a smile or “fake it ’till you make it”. In reading comic books, always was cathartic to me. It has even been proven by neuroscience, when an individual sees an action, their neurons are satiated by the wanted action. In this case, reading how badass Z-Girl is; how she is able to continue when in fighting evil no matter how severely injured she is, she is definitely an admirable character that satiates my neurological need to be better.

Thanks Kirk for tuning me into your new graphic novel. I wish you all the best and thanks for taking the time out to talk to this nerdy brown girl and even making a personalized sketch! 

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