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The lone female wolf (Bitten)

I ran across the TV series, based on novel series, Bitten (on scyfy), which is a primarily about the world of werewolves. The show is about new aged werewolves that can change into wolves at any time, their changes can happen when they choose to unlike majority of wolf lore – changing only during the full moon. In this werewolf world, women are not able to be werewolves because they aren’t strong enough during the changes and usually die after being infected; except for Elena Michaels, who is the only known female wolf.

Elena grew up an orphan and when scratched and deliberately infected with the werewolf contact, she became a part of the Danvers wolf family. Little by little her history is revealed throughout the series. In one of the latest episodes, another female who the paramour to a mutt wolf (one that doesn’t belong to a pack), she tries so hard to convince him to turn her. He is in dismay since he really loves her but, he doesn’t want to infect her because he is sure it will kill her. Although the pack and mutt wolves are aware that Elena is a wolf, for them she is special and it is unknown why she is able to be a she-wolf and survives her changes. Interesting enough, Elena is a strong she-wolf and is able to smell and sense things in a longer range than the males in her pack. Each wolf has dynamic skills and heightened senses but it appears that her senses are hyper sensitive. It is perceived that this is possible because of her resilience in changing forms and again, being the only female wolf known.

There are a few things that tickle my curiosity, if Elena were to mate with another wolf; would that make her offspring a wolf? Is she able to have human children while she changes back and forth?  More interestingly, what makes her special to be the only she-wolf? Have there been other she-wolves that we may learn about later on?

While Elena’s backstory unravels, we learn that she has dealt with many psychological obstacles. Obviously she is a strong person mentally and with being a wolf, physically as well. I feel that because she has endured so many disheartening and tough situations, it has made her a very strong person and increased her ability of dealing with pain – whether it is physical or mental. In being, maybe this is the reason she is able to be the lone she-wolf. She has been battling with adversities all her life so to her, pain and adversity is second nature to her which makes her a great candidate to continue to handle her wolf changes so eloquently, although these wolves scream in pain whilst changing. In this werewolf world, is it the woman who is infallible mentally – on one note, being so strong of a female you can be a wolf and the ability to do so, makes your senses so heightened – even better than male werewolves! It is a great idea that women are strong and if capable of undergoing adversities, making them rock solid, able to adapt and have heightened senses of the world. 


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