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Vamp-Geeks & Vamp-Gods, featuring Fairy Godfathers

After watching the latest True Blood episode, “The Sun”, I have a lot to take in. The social media universe is battling itself, discussing the weird scenes of Eric geeking it up versus Bill contorting a human woman’s body whilst sucking all her blood through her mouth, in an effortless stream. Intriguingly, there is a new character that is introduced to us, Sookie and Jason’s Fairy Godfather who has been watching over their bloodline for generations, protecting their fae blood.

Aside from Eric’s effort of his disguise, his analogy of the crane was pretty interesting. Eric’s character has changed. He was first ruthless, selfish and obsessed with Sookie. Now he seems to be much more warm, although his eyes are cold, he looks out for Sookie, Pam and his sister, Nora. Eric is now the protective, father like figure that the women in his life can rely on. He tries to push Pam away but Nora reminds her that she is a huge part of Eric’s life and the reason he is tough with her is to continue to protect her as much as he possibly can. Eric also gives Sookie back her house and she revokes his invite, which he calmly accepted. Nora accepts all the changes within her brother and also brings out the overprotective brother side of him. Eric shows that he is revered as a demon to the world but is compassionate and there is much more depth to him. It is quite common for males to behave in such manner, appear to be without fear and dominant but, warm and loving when females they care about are in danger, which is congruent with the psychological theory of ambivalent sexism, where Eric is the example of protective paternalism and Nora and Pam are examples of complementary gender differentiation, since they also guard and defend Eric.

Gender roles are blurred with Bill’s situation. He is now part of Lillith, by drinking her blood, seemingly inherits her knowledge and guidance; which reminds me of self-affirmation theory, which sums up how a person perceives themselves based on their actions, which would affirm who they are (to the self). For example, Bill drinks the blood of a Vampire God, he now has supernatural powers like draining all the blood of a human without moving, he can completely control her body, sucking every single droplet of blood in her veins while comfortably sitting in his arm chair. Bill feels he is a Vampire God like creature, but we are not sure exactly what he is, even Lillith explains to him that he is not a God but others will see and treat him that way, the way Lillith is worshipped. When others feel that you are a certain way, in this case, a Vampire God, Bill may see himself this way, from the reflection of others around him, which reaffirms his first thought of him being a Vamp God. Self-affirmation, like any theory has it’s blunders and we can also keep in mind that bias is quite common. Yet, in this case, we are discussing a fictional character.

Niall is Sookie and Jason’s fairy godfather. He says that he has watched over their bloodline for generations and convinces Jason that he is in fact their fairy grandfather and is in town to help Sookie defeat Warlow. Niall meets with Sookie and teaches her how to manifest her light and helps her concentrate on utilizing her fairy light. Niall is very similar to Eric in that he is another example of protective paternalism.

The season has just begun and there are new characters introduced, old characters that are reinvented that are trying to understand themselves, then those who are trying to protect their loved ones but staying strong to try and show they have control of their surroundings. With the new law passing in Bon Temps, Vampires have no rights, not forgetting Bill’s premonition of the Vampire apocalypse while being guided by Lillith… sit back and watch the upcoming mayhem.


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