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Holy Mother of Dragons how great was this premiere?

Instead of being a typical spoiler alert, I want to discuss a few characters that I’m heavily fond of, which are not in any sort of order.

The mother of dragons, our great Khalisi, the silver haired Daenerys Targaryen is amongst one of my very favorites. It’s not because she has three dragon children or because she can not be harmed at all by fire (which reminds me too much of the Hindu mythological Sita), or because she is able to tame a wild heart like Drogos as well as the Dothraki people, actually it’s all of these reasons combined. At first she was introduced as a meek, naïve child that her brother would have sold a million times over to men, just to gain an army and wealth. She was able to marry Drogo, and tame his animalistic ways and love her to the moon and back. While she was pregnant with Drogo’s child, she was gaining more confidence and the natural inherited fire that grew within her in order for her to become the leader she is. I prefer to refer to her as Khalisi, who has traveled to a different part of the world, even though her husband passed and her child was murdered, she took it upon herself to continue to lead her people and her ultimate goal; sailing across the seas to take the throne with her dragon babies.


The younger daughter of the Stark Clan, Arya is such a delight. She is such a raw feministic character. Although she is taught to be a lady, she is everything but. She can hold her own and learns to sword fight. Arya seems to be very sensitive to her environment; she seems to be at the right places for the right reasons. She overheard the demise of her father when she quickly chose to flee. She was able to reinvent herself as a boy, adapt to many gruesome situations and people, even helping others and making friends with unlikely people. She reminds me of a cat – able to land on her feet in strenuous situations. I’m not sure where GOT is leading her story, but I do hope she is able to avenge her father’s death, get revenge for her and her sisters wolves and kill Joffrey.


I doubt I can ever mention GOT without thinking of Tyrion Lannister. Although it is easy to despise the ruthless, liar, sibling fucking clan, Tyrion, commonly known as the “Halfling” is one sensible character. He brings a lot of wit and morale to the Lannister Clan, where they are used to taking everything in their way and demolishing others without reasoning. Tyrion looks at the bigger picture and strikes deals with others in order to get himself out of tricky situations. He may not seem to care at first for others, but he seems to take care of all the trusted people beside him, even if it is monetary care.


I have a soft spot for Jon Snow, commonly known as the bastard. Jon undergoes mental adversities such as firstly being reminded every second that he is the bastard child of Stark, he is also sent to the wall to spend his days at the Night’s Watch, exiled from the family he grew to love. Jon encounters adventures at the wall. After having to prove himself to the rangers, being punished for picking up for Sam, he is told to go beyond the wall, where he gets lost and through many back and forth with the Northerners and seeing proof of the White Walkers, he is currently trying to gain the trust of the King in the True North. Jon seems to be another adaptive creature, similar to Arya; maybe it’s the Stark blood that breeds such courageous and cunning children but we can argue this point with Sansa!


What are some of your favorite characters? Who do you love to hate (most likely a Lannister)?  What would you like to see in this upcoming season? 


2 responses to “GAME OF THRONES SEASON 3!

  1. (Silent) Tony ⋅

    I like Jon Snow, Petyr Baelish, and Tyrion Lannister.

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