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What would you do with an artifact from Ware House 13?


If you are a fan of Ware House 13 and their shenanigans, well you are very aware that this is a fun science fiction show where artifacts, which contains special supernatural powers, have a specific history and story to each item.  Each artifact has evil consequences which is why the Ware House team collects and stores them in the Ware House so the powers are not in the wrong hands [typical theme –  but I appreciate the artifacts concept considering there are many other Ware Houses and Ms. Frederick is connected to the WH as well as Artie, who is her right hand man].


There have been many artifacts that I find very interesting such as the episode featuring the epic H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu! This very artifact showed the person who has this item, see the “tentacle, bug eyed monster” within, just as illustrated by Lovecraft. This very episode, the man that acquired this specific item had lost his love in an accident at a baseball game. She was trampled to death and he called out to people to help. He remembered the faces of the very same people that refused to help him in his time of need, where he seemed to undergo post traumatic symptoms, grief, depressive and suicidal thoughts which manifested into him seeking revenge regardless of the outcome. He was so distraught that the love of his life was now dead, it seemed that all he wanted to do was show to others what monsters people are. The artifact when in the presence of a person, projects to the people around them that they have huge tentacles, big bug eyes and other alien like features. In most cases where the artifact was used, because the person was now being seen as a monster, other people killed them. When the person was dead, the hallucination ended and people realized that it was a human being that they collectively killed.


Now we can conjure up the argument, well is it a hallucination indeed or this said artifact reflected and showed the true nature of some people, that many be monstrous?


My question to you, which is your favorite episode? What is your favorite artifact? If you are completely new to this concept, picture an inanimate object that has a long history and now has invoked a special power, with it the person who has this item in their grasp now wields that specific power. What type of artifact would you be interested in? Do keep in mind each artifact has evil strong holds. Some make the artifact user evil, may have psychological/mental health issues such as hallucinations (just as Cthulu’s artifact). 


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