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Toaster Love

Science Fiction and love stories are not strangers. I can’t name anything without a plot of love. Recently watching Battle Star Galactica, we are introduced to the notion that the cylons, who are also called “toasters”, fall in love with numerous humans in the world of BSG. What I wondered if cylons are not people, then how do they fall in love and show affection to others in order for them to feel special? Whether or not the debate is that cylons may be programmed for love, cylons do make long lasting impressionable relationships whether it may be lovers or trusted shipmates.

Is toaster love real? Well, whether or not it is believable for a machine to love… cylons are more of a complex mixture of human and machine. Is it completely farfetched to think that machines would not be able to love a human? What constitutes what creature can or can not love? It seems in biology, that any complex creature is capable of love. I’m sure there are some that think, no machines whether complicated or not is not human and therefore not able to love and that it may be a slight infatuation or interest. My question, are all humans capable of love? Is love singular to just humans and not humanoid creatures? There are sociopaths and other diagnoses that say certain humans are not capable of emotions, which mainly include love, so are they considered “real life cylons”? So, if certain humans are not capable of love, doesn’t that mean those emotions such as love are not just limited to humans?

Can cylons feel love? We can agree that humans, in general can feel love from others and try to show their love to others by many different ways. Are the ways of cylons any different? Do cylons reciprocate love the same ways humans do? Personally, I don’t reciprocate love from every loved one the same so why should someone categorize how the love is being felt? Can’t people be taught to love and aren’t cylons people? Yes, they are part machine which is constantly a headline to the word cylon but cylons were created by humans and the same race of humans are constantly fooled by the human characteristics of cylons. It goes beyond the way they may look… people feel comfortable around others that look similar and act similar to them. Is that what cylons do – mimick humans in order to gain their trust to overcome them or mimick human behaviors and mannerisms because they are more human than machine?

I’m sure your thinking BSG is a fantasy world and that what does it matter about cylons and their emotions? I feel that BSG is quite interesting and it message is much deeper than humans vs. cylons, and may be a reflection of people. Not everyone is capable of showing love and reciprocating it. Not everyone is exactly the same. Even humans that are identical twins do not show exact 100% same behaviors and mannerisms which can be compared to cylons and the many copies.

What are your opinions?




6 responses to “Toaster Love

  1. Dimitrius ⋅

    I agree with you Pady. There is a clear relationship as how to cyclones and human beings interact with one another. Cyclones as well as people can find a way to love one another, it is just a way of making it compatible lol.

  2. Ben ⋅

    There’s an episode of Star Trek: TNG that cover this topic in regards to Data and if he qualifies as a person or if he’s property of Starfleet. The whole episode is the trial in which they argue their cases. Very interesting.

  3. geekybrowngal ⋅

    I think that at it’s core, love is a very human instinct, a yearning to care very deeply for another. It’s not something that can be programmed in. Some people don’t love other humans, they fall in passionate love with their hobbies, their jobs, their distractions even, at times. (Try removing someone’s FB app from their phone and watch their soul crumple as they look for it frantically on their phone) Some people are lucky enough to care extremely deeply for other humans who are able to reciprocate that, which is something very special. I don’t watch BSG, but what I can say from experience is that love is something uncontrollable when you find it. It can’t really be contained, so if there are people out there who find themselves unable to reciprocate, or express love, maybe it’s just that they have not experienced it yet themselves. These people can take to heart (no pun intended) that as a human being the seed/spark for love and compassion is IN all of us, it just comes alive at different times for different people.

    • psyficologist ⋅

      Yes, you totally get it. I feel that BSG is such a small example of how love can be personified. That’s why it interests me so much on cylons and humans (in BSG) are such a dramatic example of real life humans.

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