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Farscape: Moya and Pilot’s symbiotic relationship

The symbiotic relationship between Moya and Pilot are very interesting to me. At first we are introduced to Pilot as this amazing creature that somehow flew a living ship. I questioned why a living ship like Moya would need a pilot in the first place. It seems that Pilot acts as a symbolic conscious for her and therefore Pilot becomes and extension of Moya, who cannot speak words that the crew understands. Moya, on the other hand, understands the crew when they speak.

Pilot takes on two major roles for Moya. At first, he is a symbolic conscious, where at times Moya feels to act in a certain way but Pilot feels the best thing to do in the scenario is to starburst and live another day. Pilot counsels Moya on hard decisions especially when it comes to Talon, her son. Moya, like many mothers, want to constantly protect their offspring regardless of how much they may be capable of protecting themselves. Moya’s pregnancy was very difficult but with the help of the crew and Pilot, Moya was able to give birth to a healthy hybrid ship; that in their world has not been birthed before, being part Peacekeeper and part Leviathan. Pilot, many times have reasoned with Moya to change her decision to alternatives in order to keep all parties alive. Moya may be irrational when scared, but when calmed down by Pilot, with his counseling, he speaks to her and together they come up with better plans in order to either defeat the villains that are chasing them or the said danger they encounter. Pilot gives Moya advice on her son as well. Talon becomes very destructive and is hard to control. He doesn’t listen to Moya and continues to fly with Captain Crais, which is another complicated relationship.

Secondly, Pilot seems to be the referee between the crew and Moya. The crew, consisting of Criton, Aeryn, D’Argo, Zhaan, Rygil, Chiana, and later on Stark, Jool,  Sikozu and Scorpius, they are all very different beings with many strong opinions. Pilot seems to be able to listen to all and yet come together with Moya to discuss the best-case scenario. Of all the crew, Pilot speaks with D’Argo, Zhaan and Criton the most when jumping back and forth between the crews’ needs and Moya’s needs. Inevitably, Pilot finds common ground and brings peace within the ship.

Pilot is an exquisite creature that is raised to be bonded to a Leviathan yet, also creates multidimensional relationships with Moya. He also heeds to the needs of the crew without causing serious damage to Moya. All and all, Pilot is an imperative being on board Moya.  


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